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Face to face sessions in Hereford, Leominster and On-Line

Psychology Session


Face to face sessions in the calming environment of my room at The Body Clinic in Leominster. Most of my clients prefer to come in and talk to face to face. For me it's the best way.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and I recommend that you come weekly, at least for a little while. Some clients may have 6 to 8 sessions and others may want to continue with counselling for a year or more.

As I explain here, it's all about what you want. There are no restrictions and no special requirements. If you're unsure, book a FREE initial consultation



There are many reasons why couples come to counselling - it doesn't have to mean that things have gone wrong. You may want more out of your relationship, you might have hit a brick wall that you can't seem to get over, you may be dealing with betrayal or infidelity, or you might be having problems with intimacy. Whatever the reason, couples come to counselling because they want to make a difference to their relationship and to themselves as individuals within that relationship.

Whether you're young or old, gay or straight, couples counselling could help you find a more fulfilling relationship.

Video Call


As well as providing therapy on a face to face basis in Leominster, I also provide both Longer Term and Single Session Therapy via video call.

This has been especially welcome during the pandemic and has allowed many people to access therapy from the privacy and safety of their own home.

Whilst not the same as face to face therapy, on line therapy can be equally effective.

Old Alarm Clock


Sometimes, all you need is one session to explore a particular difficulty that you're facing. SST focuses on helping you in just one session, although 50% of clients choose to have additional sessions. 

Professor Windy Dryden, the 'father' of single session therapy defines SST as:

"... a purposeful endeavour where both parties set out with the intention of helping the client in one session knowing that more help is available if needed."

It does require a bit of preparation but can be very effective.

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